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TAKIT's Privacy Policy

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TAKIT Touch is planned for the serverless project. Because We hope our family uses this app. So We do not & cannot collect user information. Suppose there will be later on. We will write all of the security architecture on the setting menu at taking Touch APP for your input.

We use TrueDepth API technologies (ARKit, with automatic estimation of the real-world directional lighting environment) to create AR effects within the App. The only use of this information is to provide valuable user features. None of the information collected by the TrueDepth API ever leaves the user’s device. We do not share information with third parties, do not store or process in any other way the data which we accessed and used via TrueDepth API. For more information about TrueDepth API technologies, you may visit

TAKIT's Privacy Policy

All personal information that TAKIT Company Limited.("TAKIT") processes are collected, retained, and processed under relevant statutes or with the consent of each person whose information becomes subject to this Policy ("data subject"). The Personal Information Protection Act provides for general norms concerning the management of personal information. TAKIT will lawfully and properly manage the information collected, retained, and processed under the provisions of such statutes to properly perform public services and appropriately protect the rights and interests of citizens.

Furthermore, we, at the TAKIT, respect your rights, including the right to request inspection or correction of your personal information retained by us, pursuant to the relevant statutes. You also have a right to file a petition for an administrative hearing to seek remedies for a violation of any of such rights under the Administrative Appeals Act.

TAKIT's Policy for Processing Personal Information1. Purposes of Processing Personal Information

Most services provided by the TAKIT on its Website are accessible by any user at any time without user registration.

However, we, at the TAKIT, collect and use the personal information of users to provide more advanced, higher quality services, including mailing services. Only users who have registered with us as members are permitted to post messages and comments on our message boards. This Policy aims to prevent reckless and defamatory, or libelous expressions and strengthen the effects of opinions collected.

Your personal information processed by us is not used for any purpose other than the following purposes specified below, and we will take necessary measures when any change occurs in the purposes of use, such as obtaining additional consent in accordance with Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

1.1. Personal Information Automatically Collected and Stored

When you access the Website of the TAKIT, the following information is automatically collected and stored:

Users' Internet domain names and URLs of websites from which our Website is accessed;

Browsers and operating systems (OS) used by users;

Date and time of visit, etc.

To provide higher quality services to users, HTTP cookies are used as a means of storing and retrieving user information from time to time. An HTTP cookie is a small piece of data that a server uses to operate a website that is sent to the web browser of a user's personal computer which may store it on a hard drive.

The information automatically collected and stored is used for statistical analysis to improve and supplement web pages and to facilitate communications between users and the Website to provide better services to users. Please note and understand that relevant statutes may require us to provide such information to a relevant authority in certain cases.

1.2. Personal Information Collected when Additional Services are Used

Personal information of a user is collected when the user uses our regular mailing services or to post a message or comment on the message board and is limited to the minimum extent necessary.


2. Period of Processing and Retaining Personal Information

(a) TAKIT processes and retains personal information for the duration provided for by relevant statutes for the retention and use of personal information or the period to which each data subject consents when personal information is collected.

(b) The period during which personal information is processed and retained is as follows:

The subscriber to the Website: Two years (or until a user withdraws subscription).

3. Matters pertaining to Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

No personal information collected and retained by TAKIT is provided to any third party without the consent of a user except in the following cases:

(a) Where a data subject specifically consents to the provision of personal information;

(b) Where special provisions exist in other statutes;

(c) Where it is deemed necessary explicitly to protect, from impending danger, the life, body or economic profits of a data subject or a third party when the data subject or such

person's legal representative is incapable of communicating intention or it is impossible to obtain prior consent due to unknown addresses, etc.;

(d) Where personal information is provided in a manner that makes it impossible to identify a specific person, as necessary for compiling statistics, academic research, etc.;

(e) Where it is impracticable to perform relevant duties provided for in other statutes unless the personal information is provided for any purpose other than its original purpose or is

provided to a third party, with the relevant case having been deliberated on and determined by the Personal Information Protection Commission;

(f) Where it is necessary to provide personal information to a foreign government or an international organization to implement treaties or other international agreements;

(g) Where it is necessary to investigate a crime and to file and undergo prosecution;

(h) Where it is necessary for a court to proceed with a trial;

(i) Where it is necessary to enforce a sentence, custody or protective order that has been imposed.

(j) When we, at the TAKIT, provide personal information to a third party, we will inform the respective person of the following facts to obtain consent:

The name of a person to receive the personal information (if the recipient is a corporation or organization, the name thereof) and the contact information;

The recipient's purpose of use of the personal information and the items of the personal information to be provided;

The duration during which the personal information will be retained and used by the recipient;

The fact that the data subject has a right to refuse consent and details of the disadvantages due to such refusal if any.

4. Matters pertaining to Outsourced Processing of Personal Information

TAKIT partially outsources the processing of the following user personal information that is collected and retained to maintain its Website:

5. Rights and Obligation of Data Subjects; Exercise of Rights and Performance of Obligation

Any user, as a data subject, may exercise the following rights:

(1) A data subject (if the data subject is under the age of 14, referring to his/her legal representative) may exercise the following rights at any time in relation to the protection of

personal information:

(a) The right to request permission to inspect personal information;

(b) The right to request correction of personal information if there is any error, etc.;

(c) The right to request deletion of personal information;

(d) The right to request suspension of personal processing information.

(2) A data subject can exercise the rights provided in paragraph (1) by completing the form specified in attached Form 8 of the Enforcement Rule of the Personal Information

Protection Act and submitting it to TAKIT by post, email, or fax. In such cases, the TAKIT will take necessary measures promptly.

(3) Where a data subject requests the correction or deletion of any error, etc., to the data subject's personal information, the relevant information will not be used or provided until

such information is corrected or deleted.

(4) A data subject may exercise the rights provided in paragraph (1) through an agent, including a legal representative and a power of attorney. In such cases, the data subject is

required to submit a letter of delegation as specified in attached Form 11 of the Enforcement Rule of the Personal Information Protection Act.

(5) Where a data subject requests permission to inspect one's personal information or suspension of personal processing information, such subject's rights may be limited in the

following cases under Article 35 (4) or 37 (2) of the Personal Information Protection Act:

1. Where any Act prohibits or restricts such inspection;

2. Where it is likely to harm another person's health or safety or to unfairly violates another person's property or interests;

3. Where it substantially interferes with a public institution performing any of the following business affairs:

(a) Affairs concerning imposing, collecting or refunding taxes;

(b) Affairs concerning assessing academic achievements or selecting new enrollees at schools of each level established under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act

or the Higher Education Act; lifelong education facilities established under the Lifelong Education Act; and higher education facilities established under other Acts;

(c) Affairs concerning the testing of academic skills, aptitudes, skills for employment, and examination of qualifications;

(d) Affairs concerning evaluating or determining calculation, etc. of damages or benefits;

(e) Affairs concerning audits and investigations in progress under any other Act.

(6) With respect to a request for correction or deletion of personal information, a data subject cannot request the deletion of personal information of such subject if the relevant

personal information is provided as information subject to collection under any statute.

(7) Upon receipt of a request to inspect, correct, or delete personal information or a request to suspend the processing of personal information, TAKIT will verify whether the requesting person is the data subject or a legitimate representative.

* A written request to inspect personal information [attached Form 8 of the Enforcement Rule of the Personal Information Protection Act]

* A letter of delegation [attached Form 11 of the Enforcement Rule of the Personal Information Protection Act]

6. Personal Information to be Processed

TAKIT collects and retains personal information only in compliance with the provisions of relevant statutes or with the consent of data subjects. The personal information collected and retained by TAKIT are as follows:


7. Destruction of Personal Information

TAKIT destroys user personal information immediately after the period of retaining personal information ends or the purposes of personal processing information are attained, except where it is required to preserve the personal information under other statutes. The procedures, deadlines, and methods for destroying personal information are as follows:

(a) Procedures for destruction: The personal information that a user provides is destroyed in accordance with our internal policies and relevant statutes after the retention period of

the relevant information expires or the purposes of processing such information are attained;

(b) Methods for destruction: The personal information recorded and stored in electronic files will be destroyed by means of low-level formatting or other similar methods to prevent

the recovery of the records, while personal information recorded and preserved in paper documents will be destroyed by a shredder.

8. Measures for Ensuring Safety of Personal Information

TAKIT, in accordance with Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act, takes the following technical, administrative and physical measures necessary to ensure safety:

(a) Formulation and implementation of internal management plans: TAKIT formulates and implements internal management plans in accordance with the guidelines on measures for ensuring

the safety of personal information;

(b) Minimizing and educating personnel authorized to process personal information: The number of personnel authorized to process personal information is minimized and regular

educational programs are implemented for such personnel;

(c) Restrictions on access to personal information: Access to personal information is controlled by granting, amending or cancelling the authority to access the database system that

processes personal information. Unauthorized external access is controlled by operating firewalls for blocking and preventing invasion and intrusion, while personnel authorized to

process personal information are precluded from accessing the personal information processing system externally via information and communications networks. Furthermore,

details about granting, amending or cancelling authority are recorded and such records are preserved for at least three years;

(d) Preserving access logs and preventing forgery and alteration of access logs: Log data about access to the personal information processing system (including web logs

and summary information) are retained and managed for at least two years, and access logs are maintained properly to prevent forgery, alteration, theft and loss;

(e) Encryption of personal information: Passwords and identification numbers for the personal information of each user are encoded for storage and management. Furthermore,

additional means, such as encrypting essential data for storage and transmission, are used for security.

(f) Technical measures against hacking, etc.: TAKIT has installed security programs and updates and inspects the programs to protect personal information from being leaked externally

or destroyed by hacking or computer viruses and the systems have been installed in an area with restricted access to technically and physically monitor and block external access.

(g) Controlling access by unauthorized persons: The area for the physical storage of the personal information system that retains personal information is separated from other areas

and a procedure for controlling access to this area is established and implemented.

9. Linked Web-sites and Web-pages

When visiting any other website or web-page by clicking a link or banner on our Website, the privacy policies of the Website that you visit will apply. Please check the privacy policies posted by the operator of such Website.

10. Acquisition of Third Party's Personal Information while Using Website

No one shall acquire any personally identifiable information, including any email address, from the Website operated by TAKIT.

Any person who inspects or obtains such personal information by fraud or other illegal manner is punishable under Article 59 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

11. Managers and Officers in Charge of Processing Personal Information

To protect the rights and interests of the public and to properly perform public services, by ensuring the legality of personal information and the appropriateness of procedures, TAKIT appoints and manages a personal information protection manager.

(a) Personal Information Protection Manager

Office : Administration Office of the Korea Legislation Research Institute

Name and position : Ha Jun-ho, Head Administrator

Email: Send email (

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding personal information held by the TAKIT or its privacy policies, etc., please contact us at:

(b) Personal Information Protection Officer

Office : Knowledge and Information Team, Administration Office of the Korea Legislation Research Institute

Name and position : Ha Jun-ho, Head Administrator

Email: Send email (

12. Requests to Inspect Personal Information

A data subject may request permission to inspect one's personal information under Article 35 of the Personal Information Protection Act at the office of TAKIT provided below. We will strive to ensure that your request is processed without delay.

Office : Knowledge and Information Team, Administration Office of the Korea Legislation Research Institute

Name and position : Ha Jun-ho, Head Administrator

Email: Send email (

13. Amendment of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy currently in force was wholly amended on Feb 21, 2021, and further amended on Feb 21, 2021, entering into force on Feb 21, 2021.

Former Privacy Policies are:

14. Withdrawing Consent to the Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information

As a data subject, you may withdraw your consent to the collection, use and provision of personal information to TAKIT at any time.

Click on [Sign up/Log in>Member Services>Sign out] or contact the Personal Information Officer in writing, by phone or email, to withdraw your consent. The Officer will take necessary measures immediately, including the deletion of your personal information.

We, at TAKIT, will guide and supervise our personnel to ensure that personal information collected under the provisions of relevant statutes are used appropriately for the purposes of collection and processing.

15. Remedies for Violation of Rights and Interests

A data subject may file a petition for settlement of a dispute, consultation, etc. with the Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee, the Korea Internet and Security Agency or the Personal Information Infringement Reporting Center to seek remedies for the breach of privacy. In addition, you may contact any of the following agencies to report or receive counselling on the breach of privacy:

(a) The Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee : 1833-6972 (

(b) Personal Information Infringement Reporting Center (Korea Internet and Security Agency) : 118 (without dialing an area code) (

(c) The Cyber Crime Investigation Team of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office : 1301 (without dialing an area code) (

(d) The Cyber Terrorism Response Center of the National Police Agency: 182 (without dialing an area code) (

Any person whose rights or interests are violated by any disposition or inaction of the head of a public agency with regard to a request made under the provisions of Article 35, 36 or 37 of the Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee, may file a petition for an administrative hearing in accordance with the Administrative Appeals Act.

※ Please refer to the information on telephone numbers provided by the Central Administrative Appeals Commission (

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