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    Take it! It's youres!

    Take Touch  

    TAKIT Company Limited.

    Both TAKIT and TAKE PUZZLE has been removed from AppStore. We are going to combine them to Take Touch. It's a straightforward app. We make it more simple to put out the floor indicates and block games. The AR Objects are located automatically in front of the User. Users can touch the screen to trigger the ball to hit the object.


    Take puzzle   

    It's unbelievable things that the elementary school student can play the game without any explanation about the rules of the game!!

    All of the things below are free and will be updated forever or open-sourced for students to dream programmer come true.

    TAKE TOUCH is available in AppStore


    TAKE WALLET is preparing to download...

    철 노동자
    Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 11 Pro Ma
    Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 8 Plus -

    TAKIT v1.5

    • The solid block titled "UBB Block" has been added. Only a golden block can destroy it.

    • If you can touch the screen 1000 times during playing games, all blocks will be destroyed. 

    A Block can be rotated by touch the screen, and Only the same direction can "BAMMM" meaning of destroying the block.

    TAKE PUZZLE v1.0

    • Simple rules, just play for fun!

    APP Previews



    Tester 1

    I like this for free.

    2021. 05. 10



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